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we have public ip of network we able to logging SSH and ASDM of ASA outside internal ip of ASA and SFR ip we nedd to access SFR from outside   We have only One public ip x.x.x.x and Internal network 

tnrs_tnrs by Level 1
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I have a hub and spoke topology.  A total of 3 spokes all on private WAN pointing to the HUB.  The hub has subinterfaces for each site with 802.1Q tagging so I'm assuming it's some type of L2 MPLS or VPLS WAN.   The issue is the internet connection i...

Hello Team, I wan to know what things keep in mind during design phase of ASA clustering , Here are the requirements and some confusions i have1) we cant use IPS module 10g ports for CCL ? 2) Can we mix mode like i want to have multi context one co...

Hello, I own a routeur 1921, version 15.1. We use it as a router and also to allow remote worker. For example we NAT port TCP/8108 ip nat inside source static tcp 8101 interface GigabitEthernet0/1 8101 Doing this way anyone can connect...

Hi. I'm trying to upate the version of the Sourcefire device thatr we have in the company, but I'm getting this error:  Any thoughts? Uninstalling Sourcefire 3D Device S3 Patch version: Local Install Update Installation Fa...

Hi, There is an HP Arcsight connector (using the CEF_Agent) that is trying to pull the payload from the Estreamer...  All the configuration on the CEF_Agent are Ok and is able to reach the Estreamer.  But whenever we try to pull some payload there is...

Resolved! Adding Device

Hi. I'm having issues adding the devices to Defense Center 750 5.3.1, I'm gettinh this error message: ERROR - Sensor has a newer version (5.3.1 vs I tried to update the device with no success. Any thoughts?

Is there a way to use DHCP reservations on the ASA 5506w running Firepower Threat Defense 6.1.  Using the on box Firepower Device Manager or by CLI.   If no is there a way to configure the device so it only allows or routes specified MAC's.  I'm tryi...

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