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Hi,   Does anyone know the real performance numbers for the new FP4100 with all features enabled? The data sheet only shows sizing throughput for AVC or IPS, but there are no numbers for AVC+IPS, AVC+IPS+AMP or AVC+IPS+AMP+URL? Will this have the sam...

Hi guys. We have a strange issue. Periodically we lose remote access to both ASDM and SSH on our Cisco ASA 5515X Firewall. The code version is 9.1(2) and the ASDM 7.1(3). Normally I would assume it to be an ASDM issue and have solved similar by chang...

Hi. I'm having a really weird issue on an ASA 5506 firewall where i'm trying to use DH Group20 on a VPN tunnel. For some odd reason on my crypto map it only gives me the option to set groups 1,2, or 5. But if I were to change the name of the crypto m...

Hello, i bought a new ASA5506-x with security plus license and a 3y tamc license from a Internet reseller. Unfortunately the asa is installed with old Software (9.5.2) so tried to download the latest version 9.6.1. I payed ~1200 Eur for the little b...

Hi guys, My current configuration which I need to validate is an ASA port-channeled to the core.  I am placing the appliance Inline.  I have 1 inline set with 2 interface pairs.  One set of interface pairs are for the Appliance towards the firewall ...

Dear Sir,                  My Static NAT rule is not working , When my pc ( ) go to destination outside ip is not use . ASA is translate with range . So I think My Static NAT Rule is not wo...

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