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ASDM not working on ASA-5505

Hello,I just got a new ASA 5505 and configured it with IOS/ASDM.  Everything seems fine but it won't let me open the ASDM in a webpage.  When trying to connect, I get a timeout error.  My other firewalls are OK.  This one is missing files in the flas...

Resolved! Standard ACL

Let us assume that we have a standard acl starting from 10 and the next line number 20 , 30 and so on... could you continue writing it above 100 as 100 is the ACL number for extended ACLs. Please advise.

How launch ASDM with port 555 ?

Hi This ASA has a command -- http server enable 555. With ASDM, how to launch it to log onto the ASA? I tried to type x.x.x.x:555 in that window, but it did not work. I guess something is wrong. That is why I hope someone can confirm what i did. Than...

eigrpy by Enthusiast
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help creating ACL's

I have a 5506-X running 9.4.1 and would like to ask for help on creating the following ACL's.Thank you, Service       Port                      Protocol  Direction  DNSSIP+TLS    5061                     TCP         Out     SRTP        10000 - 65534 ...

what are the difference between having security appliance and without security appliance?

martlee2 by Cisco Employee
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Cisco Rv110w

Hello: I already have an Asus wireless router and an unmanged switch setup at home.Can I purchase a Cisco Rv110w and use it as a Firewall?How should I install it within my network? Thank you.

anyconnect and DHCP/DNS question

Hello,I'm not sure how the following is working. asa5525anyconnect version 3.1windows server 2008R2When you come in via VPN I send clients to the windows server for DHCP/DNS info and records get created in the FLZ and RLZ. When folks disconnect from ...

dcanady55 by Beginner
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Router vs Firewall

Hello Guys,I would like to know major difference Between Router vs Firewall, why we use firewall even Router has capability to do that now a days,why someone will deploy firewall in the Network?what are the Key features in Firewall that are not avail...


Hi,I have several SSM-10 IPS sensors (inside ASA5510 firewalls) and I'm trying to get it to send status changes & notifications via SNMP to our Syslog server (Solarwinds). I have enabled SNMP Traps under "Config>>Sensor Mgmt>>SNMP>>Traps Config"  I h...

bgl-group by Beginner
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