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Hi All,When configuring an ASR1001 with ZBPFW, and when using a class class-default / drop log, for an OUTSIDE_TO_SELF zone (basically the outside interface ip address), I do not see the drop action log for any dropped packets, but the drop counter i...

Hello, everybody! Could it possible to filter some https sites on ASA 5508 without IPS subscription? I mean,, some local social nets... Please, give a link to a useful manual. Many thanks in advance, Ilya

Dears, I am replacing the legacy firewall to new 55XX-X I have migrated the configuration but not brought it live, I have some question below. management 0/0 is in different ip address than a inside interface, inside and management are connecting to...

adamgibs7 by Level 6
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Please explain in simple english what the below mean, Maximum application control (AVC) throughput? Maximum AVC and IPS throughput? Maximum concurrent sessions? Maximum new connections per second? AVC or IPS sizing throughput [440-byte HTTP]2? Suppor...

LSA4 by Level 1
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Is Cisco still not offering a single license for the ASAv5? I'm a Cisco resell partner, and this product would be great for my small business clients who are getting into virtualization.  And for my clients using AWS, this would be a great option to ...

Using the Firepower/FireSIGHT management center in a virtualized implementation and hashing out a backup strategy. We have the Defense Center covered, and now trying to determine how best to back up the NGIPSv. The docs say there is no suppor...

Good morning, I'm trying to enable SSH on our ASA-5510 running the k8 file listed below. Using Cisco's configuration guide listed below I'm unable to create the crypto key because the "crypto key generate rsa modulus" command isn't showing up under ...

I am having problems with uploading the signatures for IOS IPS.  I am following the write-up provided at the following link.

Hello all,What configuration is required to allow an ASA CX to detect user devices?  Does it require some input from ISE or some other mechanism?  My specific question is for a pair of 5525-X firewalls.Any input is appreciated!Jim

Jim Neff by Level 1
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