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Hello.   I have inherited a CSM Application installed on a VM device.  I know that it is version 4.8 but I am trying to verify if it is the standard 4.8 release or if it is the 4.8 with SP1 release.   The original installation file has been deleted a...

Hi Guys, Let me start by saying I appreciate this is a Cisco forum and I am a big fan of cisco. I am however working for a client whom has PA firewall and PA does not allow you to post on their forum unless you have a subscription. I am checking a...

cisco8887 by Explorer
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Resolved! Pinhole timeout

Hi,What does a pinhole timeout indicate?Aug 19 2011 07:44:22: %ASA-6-302014: Teardown TCP connection 54522 for outside: to inside: duration 0:02:01 bytes 0 Pinhole timeoutAug 19 2011 07:44:22: %ASA-6-302014: Teardow...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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Hello everybody, As far as I know there is no Deep Inspection engine for MSSQL in Cisco ASA, so here arise a question. How to inspect MSSQL traffic in Cisco ASA or better to say how to inspect a custom service or port , where there is no Deep Inspec...

Hi Experts, When I do a show run these are the only options shown..! The problem is that I am unable to configure the interface? Interface configuration commands:  default      Set a command to its defaults  description  Interface specific descripti...

alvinreddy by Beginner
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can i configure two ASA services module sitting in on chassis (6506-E with 720-10G) as clustering ? or has to use VSS mode  ?  any config example link?  Tried search online but can not find any related to ASASM case   Thanks

Rico Hao by Beginner
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