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Hi,I've got a 2960-x running SSHv1.1) I need to disable SSHv1 and only run V2. Will the line listed below run ONLY SSHv2 and disable V1?2) I need a cisco document that says SSHv1 can  be completely disabled and only V2 runs on a 2960x.I know that I n...

Dear All, This is my first post in the Cisco community. We bought a ASA 5506-X and it is already configured. The ASA came with a base license already installed. In the box was a sheet with the PAK key (Control license). I tried to register the PAK ke...

Hi,I have ASA Firewall that will host both our Anyconnect VPN and clientless SSL Webvpn. I am planning to install public CA cert. It will require two certs , one for each vpn. The ASA hostname will not be just a regular firewall hostname. I am cautio...

S891 by Explorer
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 Hi everyone, I have ASA5520  configured with below interfacesinterface Ethernet0/3 nameif VISITOR security-level 50 ip address interface Ethernet0/1 description Connection to ISP SHAW nameif outside security-level 0 ip addr...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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HiI have a HA pair of firewalls with single Public IP. On the inside I just have a directly connected network with a /24 subnet. I host a few management applications on the internal network and a Windows Server.I want to RDP into my Windows Server fr...

Mokhalil82 by Enthusiast
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helloI have a Cisco 2921 ISR router and want to configure the firewall part, currently I am using this router for corporate network & I have a site-to-site VPN, and currently I am securing the FW/Router only through ACLsasking for your support for th...

ahmed.hts by Beginner
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Hey guys, I am trying to consolidate 2 different firewalls into another ASA 5520 active/standby firewall, and only have 1 interface available, I wanted to make sure that I can use sub-interface for site-to-site VPN, anyconnect, and also another sub-i...

Hello,i have created a ACL for  inside to outside traffic For details you can see the attachmentI have only permitted the 192.168.1.X series ips  but still users who are having ip addresses like 192.168.2.X and 192.168.3.x and so onable to access int...

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