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Hi !  I have a test fmc virtual 7.0.4 and want to upgrade it to 7.2.1 download and  Cisco_Secure_FW_Mgmt_Center_Virtual_VMware-7.2.1-40.tar.gz and i used =>configuration=> Updates=>Upload update...

osn by Beginner
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Hi everyone.   There are ways to obtain the serial numbers from the hardware attached to Cisco devices (show inventory, show interface raw and others depending on the platform), but I haven't find a way to get the SFP serial numbers on a Firepower 21...

cnegrete by Beginner
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Hi AllI have configured VTI tunnel from office ASA to another ASA firewall in DC using BGP. The tunnel itself is working ok but when I try to connect to the server in office from a server in DC, I get the below in the firewall logs. I got NAT excepti...

Psmurali89 by Spotlight
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Resolved! FMC for ASA 5525

Hi.I want to install FMC for our two ASAs 5525-X in failover, but I am so confused about which version I can use and so on. I have installed VMware ESXi 7.03j. I was trying to install older (maybe 3-4 years back) version of FMC on this ESXi, but the ...

am trying to download asa image for Firepower 3130 device, but the download page shows only image for firepower 2100 series (cisco-asa-fp2k.9.12.4.SPA). Can this be used in 3130 device.

manvik by Participant
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what's the best method to migrate all config, certificates from ASA 55xx device to Cisco firepower 3000 series. Would backup and restore work? As there are too many policies and configurations, it's not practical to manually config the new firewall. ...

manvik by Participant
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Hello, My Aironet 2621 E K9 is currenty using the software version 15.2(2)JA which is a bit old. My question is whether or not I should upgrade and in that case which version should I use? The most recent seems to be 15.3.3, but the download site lis...

Lepelot by Beginner
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HiWe are using the AnyConnect client, our SSL and DTLS/TLS connections never drop technically; however, we have an application that is using telnet, and through the tunnel, it will randomly drop if the session is unused for 45 minutes to an hour. We ...