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Hello Team, We are trying to upgrade our ASA 5520? We would like to know what IOS compatible to our ASA. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.2(1) Device Manager Version 6.2(1) Hardware: ASA5520, 2048 MB RAM, CPU Pentium 4 Celeron 2...

John by Level 1
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Hello... Three questions, 1. I am using Firesight system 5.4 and was wondering whether time based rules have been introduced in version 6.x, or at any plans / road map. 2. What license / contract do I need to purchase (if required) to upgrade the ...

mo shea by Level 1
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Hello, What is the CLI (or ASDM) config on version 8.2(5) to configure the NAT bellow (it is in the version 9.1(6))? nat (outside,outside) source static OBJ- OBJ- destination static OBJ- OBJ- The flow...

Hello experts, I want to install SSL certificate in Cisco ASA firewall. I don't have ASDM access to the FW, I have only CLI. Can you please guide me how to do that? I generated the CSR from the ASA using the below command: ciscoasa(config)#crypto ca ...

Hi All, I have defaulted a 5510 to factory settings but the device will not boot now. It loads the image and states that its a ASA5510, then moves to dosfsck but does not progress from there. It does not move past this after 30mins. This is taking t...

When I view my Sourcefire 3D7030 Sensors in the Defense Center running v5.2 I am receiving a Health Policy Error stating:"Error Modules:1,Normal Modules:8,Disabled Modules:17 Module Traffic Status: Test Failed"Does anyone know why and how to fix this...

Hi team, pls help me in trouble shooting the below issue. We are having ASA 5555 with software ips module.Requirement is to access the ips module through telnet/ssh by using putty. But we are unable to achieve the requirement. We can access ips modul...

I'm wondering if what I'm trying to do is even possible. I have a Cisco 3750G switch. I issued "no switchport" on one port on my switch so that I could assign an ACL to that port on outbound traffic. Before, I had it joined to one of my vlans, but I ...

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