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hi, our company is looking at installing SOHO FW and i know cisco has 5506-X now. i saw there's 3 of them and would like to know their difference: 5506-X, 5506W-X and 5506H-X.

I have an issue with NAT. My setup is as follows: LAN ---> inside ifc  (ASA 9.5)  outside ifc ----->  Internet  --------> customer firewall I have a VPN on the outside interface over the Internet to the customer. I am doing NAT on the inside ifc fo...

Hi all, Need some help getting a FWSM running in transparent mode to work, I have the following set up. SVI on the 6500 in VLAN 4040 ( Host on the 6500 in VLAN 4041 ( I've created a BVI on the...

ritchieb by Level 1
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