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Connections per second

Hello,ase regards connections I need to understand the difference between the show connection and the show perfmon: sh conn count2541 in use, 5975 most used sh perfmon detailPERFMON STATS:                     Current      AverageXlates               ...

copying config files Asa Context Mode

Hi,How can we copy the config files in Cisco Asa context mode. Because there is no backup config file from ASDM like in single context mode. I think we need to copy the config files from CLI from the admin context but the admin context doesnt have an...

blackswans by Beginner
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ASA dropping all traffic

ASA is dropping all traffic to the interfaces.  Routing is fine as traffic FROM the ASA reaches anywhere needed fine.Via the packet capture it can be seen that the implicit deny rule is blocking traffic.  I have added an any-any rule (as this is test...

ASA - implicit deny issue

I am having issues with a new ASA deployment.I have an inside interface connected and routing into my network (I can ping pretty much everything I need to).  The issue is the return traffic.  All return traffic seems to be being blocked despite the f...

Cisco Anyconnect VPN

 The topology I have is as follows:Internet --> Router (with Public IP) --> ASA (with Private IPs) --> LANWhat I'm trying to achieve is for remote workers to be able to use the Anyconnect client to connect back to the office.  Can you please advice i...

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