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Company's FTD license expired and I am trying to review any documentation to unregister the expired FTD license and install this temporary one. License was done as a SLR and in an air gaped deployment. Wanted to first try this forum before submitting...

JaVa808 by Level 1
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Dear Folks, I have Cisco FPR-4112-NGFW running with Cisco ASA Image with multi context mode. My customer wants to move into FTD image. running with multi context mode?Can we run Multi context with FTD image on FPR-4112 platform? In FTD, Will Multi co...

Hello,My firewall (cisco asa 5516X) is being hammered on with user accounts attempting to connect to my vpn via cisco anyconnect client.These are bad pword attempts and locking out these users. I have Microsoft MFA enabled for anyconnect connections,...

Am trying to configure the Cisco FPR 4112 box. So far Chassis management has been configured and am able to access and manage the box ok either via SSH or Firepower Chassis Manager. The connection to the box via the chassis management port is success...

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SPI Enabled or not in FTD My auditor ask the below points evidence, kindly check and pls help us1. Provide screenshot to show stateful inspection enabled on external firewalls in scope.2. Provide screenshot for anti-spoofing access list or similar se...

adity by Level 1
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HiI am just configuring a RB VPN between our FTD and another ISP and I notice the option for backup VTI, does this allow me to add a different source VTI and a different remote Peer IP Address for resilience within the same RB VPN ?? if so how do i a...

Resolved! FTD ICMP question

HiTo allow icmp to traverse a site to site VPN between 3rd party and us is it just the same as allowing TCP/UDP or do I have to do something different? I have created a static uni-directional identity nat rule also the traffic is to be initiated from...

N3om by Level 1
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Hello, We have a pair of ASA-5555 in spare that we want to re-use these devices. One of the ASAs is no longer showing its Interface Card module. The other device which is the same model with the same modules is showing the module. Name: "module 1", D...

jds5 by Level 1
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