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Hello - I recently inherited the following equipment (below). I wanted to know if I could still train with this and if so, for how long before I need to add/replace equipment. I was told this could assist me upto CCNP. Thank you for all replys.I'm cu...

 I have configured WCCP in an ASA 5520 to work with a McAfee Web Gateway (MWG). However, it's not working as I can't see any website even the ones which are permited by the MWG.I enclose my network topology and the traffic I can see in the ASA. I thi...

Hello,I'm struggling to get exact information regarding licensing requirements for an ASA 5525-X failover pair with CX (AVC and WSE), managed by an off-box PRSM.If we want to position such deployment, which licenses are required to accomplish this?2x...

dfedotovs by Beginner
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Hello Cisco Support, I'm setting up inter routing between VLANs and have a weird issue. I have a network that looks something like this: ISP --> ASA --> NetGear Switch (with 802.1) --> HP Proliant Servers ASA is broadcasting VLANs 1,2,3,4,20 I added ...

rashianhm by Beginner
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Hi All,Due to some asymetric issues I need to allow some traffic through the ASA and bypass the stateful workings of the FW. I am unable to amend the routing due to other issues which is not ideal so this seems to be my only option for now. The ASA i...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi, can somebody help me out with the configs for this scenario at my company's network? (photo below)I want to create 2 vlans, VLAN 10 for Servers and Desktops and VLAN 20 for the IP phones. I'm not to sure on how to do this through the ASA 5505 as ...

 Nanu Nanu, I am tying to make CSM and IPS traffic as efficient as possible and trying to set MTU setting on offsite 4300 series appliances. The traffic is encrypted so I figured this might also help by hard setting packet size. The CSM server has be...

sweeneycj by Beginner
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I have a Pix 501 firewall. I can use putty and login. My Pc's are connecting by receiving ip addresses. I am wanting to connect using browser to do some additional setup. It used to work at Please look at the config and tell me w...

Which interface does Syslog, SNMP and Netflow data exit an ASA operating in multiple mode by default? If it's the management interface in the admin context then does that mean that every other context on the firewall send it's Syslog, SNMP and Netflo...

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