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Hello,I have a ASA 5520 and will need to create a trunk to a 3750 from the one of the ASA's gigabit ports, this will allow me to create sub-interfaces on the ASA and use multiple VLAN's on the switch.  For the trunk do I need to use a crossover or st...

Andy White by Level 3
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Hello,When I search something about L-ASA-AC-M, I find this: this web I see: You can have one permanent activation key installed. The perman...

Hello,I want to order Cisco ISR-G2 2921,  with IPS cards like NMSOn cisco website, it is written "The IPS NME is also supported with a jacket card on  2900 series routers" .     it makes little confusion to me Please help me what exact SKU  I should ...

I have the following I need to convert to the New NAT, not sure how to do this. access-list NATed_Ports extended permit tcp any host eq ldapaccess-list NATed_Ports extended permit tcp any host eq smtpaccess-list NATed_Ports extended...

burleyman by Level 8
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When I try to set up my license in the portal for may ASA to allow my phones to connect via the VPN I get the following error. I have asked my var and they don't seem to know. I have copied the error below. 

laurenit1 by Level 1
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Hi, I'm setting up my first ASA. I'm able to serial into the device and have setup inside and management interfaces however none of the interfaces are able to establish link state with other devices on the LAN.The interfaces doesn't appear to be send...

This is an odd one and i'm really confused.  I'm hoping someone in the community can assist.  I installed an ASA 5510 on our network to replace an old AdTran.  The ASA has been up for a few months now with no issues.  All of the sudden we can no long...

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