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Hi to all,i am facing the following problem, please refer also to the png attached (i also have some information on the png attached).An IPsec VPN 2811 router tries to establish an IPSec vpn with an FTD. I have setup this config on the lab and i noti...

Ditter by Level 3
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Hi everyone,I have this basic scenario:(LAN) --------- (ASA) ---------- (DSL Router) ---------- (Internet)I am able to ping the DSL Router from the LAN but not vice versa. Is it a common case with the ASA deployed in between or am I missing something...

Rolitto by Level 1
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Hi All,Need your suggestion is fixing the login to ASDM. Getting Login Failed error even the same password works for SSH and also to download the launcher from https://ipaddress/admin. But when i login from ASDM getting Login failed error.I went thro...

ssan239 by Level 1
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Hello Folks, I have a pair of ASA5516 with HA mode, ISP provides a high-speed WAN 500Mbps up/download, while doing some speed tests recently we noticed that all our tests from the inside network are not bypassing 100mbps, I checked all inside/outside...

AirSail by Level 1
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During the FTD HA upgrade from FMC, if first standby is failed /corrupted during the upgrade ,will FMC will  try to upgrade other devices in the failover pair or will abort the upgrade?.

nurairtt by Level 1
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HiI have created the VTI Interface for this but when I run packet tracer input the VTI I nterface is not in the list of available interfaces to use in packet tracer.??Any ideas anyone Thanks

N3om by Level 1
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    Hi. I am most of the way through implementing an ASA 5508-x, controlled by a vFMC. Both are running of the FTD and FMC software. Since the configuration is quite complex, and I would hate to have to do it all again from scratch, I figured...

itsupport by Level 1
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