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Hi, I have a ASA 5555 Active/standby failover firewall. In which, the tacacs login for Active Firewall is successful. But, the tacacs login for Standby Firewall doesnt work. Its shows the username prompt, however cannot login. After issuing test aaa ...

 Hi Everyone, i am seeing this log in ASAMay 23 2014 22:03:40: %ASA-4-733100: [ Scanning] drop rate-1 exceeded. Current burst rate is 26 per second, max configured rate is 10; Current average rate is 3 per second, max configured rate is 5; Cumulative...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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 Hi Everyone,Here is setupSwitch -------------------------ASA1----Active                                         ASA1----Standby ASA is config as Active/StandbyASA has dhcp config that provides PC with IP From Switch i can ping my PC1#ping ...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Hello AllWe use CSM 4.5 to manage our firewalls. We also used many older versions, but I've recently upgraded to 4.5. In this version is the database crashing from time to time. It only happens when I approve an activity.On the Windows Server I have ...

patoberli by VIP Alumni
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