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Hello Support,I have a question regarding a remote access VPN setup with the following. I have a Cisco 6500 with multiple VLANs, and an FWSM setup in mutliple context mode. Each of our clients sits behind their own context, and has their own associat...

Hello to everyone:-i need guidence regarding FWSM. i am runing FWSM in my poroduction network and first time i am try to add and assigne one vlan to Fwsm.i know the command which assigne vlan to FWSM that is below:firewall vlan-group 1 vlan-id......c...

Resolved! Basic NAT Question

Hello,I'm new to the new NAT statements in the ASA configs.  I've held off as long as I could, and now I am configuring a shiny new ASA 5525-X to replace our older 5520.  Alas, I cannot hold off any more.My question is, when I upgraded our ASA 5520 t...

mbaker33 by Level 1
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First, some background.I started out a number of years ago using the Pix 501s. Now I am using ASA 5505s. I know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to be useful. That being said, assume I know nothing, as this is largely the case. I have a basic u...

DearI have using 2 ASA 5510 to make IPVPN tunnel.  From my experience.  I tried to used ONLY ikev1 are working fine. or I tried to used ONLY ikev2 are working fine for the tunnel connection.  So, any suggestion for me to keep using ikev1 or need to c...

alan-wong by Level 1
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Hi,  I wanted to know the maximum VPN client sessions (using the Cisco VPN  client) and Site-to-Site VPN tunnels that I can connect to my ASA 5505  simultaneously. In other words, if I have x VPN clients and y Site-to-Site  tunnels, at any time, does...

I believe I am seeing an asymmetric routing issue but not so sure. ASA version 9.1(1)We have the management interface (management-only configured) connected to an upstream router. Management default route out is towards this router ( and also its IP ...

xayavongp by Level 1
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We have asa's at our hotels. We have a brand network and our local network. I am trying to get the 172 nw to access the opera server and back. The given us a port on their netgate to access the server and assigned it the address. I had ...

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