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Question regarding ASA changes

   While doing some testing we made some changes to our DR ASA that were applied, but not saved. We would like to reload the ASA, but were told not to. If we exit the ASA without saving and reloading, will those changes that were applied (but not sav...

asa 8.2.5 ED

What does the ED stand for?Is this a tested and certified version like a safe harbor release ?Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

garyprice by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA IOS 8.3 NAT

Hello Guys,I am having an issue with an Exchange Server.The issue that the exchange have an SMTP relay - Incoming and outgoing mail goes through that relay. The SMTP relay is on a dmz, while the mail server is on the inside.To access the Web interfac...

ips 4510 error adding trusted host.

Hello.I'm trying to get event logs from my ips 4510 into splunk.When I add the host on which splunk is running as a "trusted host" I get the error:Cannot add #.#.#.# as a trusted host.  errTransport-socket connect failed [4,111]There are no firewalls...

jamoser by Beginner
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Internal Web Server Not Reachable By Internal Users

Device Type:                ASA5505ASA Version:               8.2(5) ASDM Version:            6.4(5)The web server behind the firewall is unavailable to internal users.If I connect to the web server, login and run the web browser, the web site is una...

ASA 5520 firmware upgrade

Hello,We have 2 ASA 5520s in active/standy.  We run IOS 8.2(5)24 and I wondered if I need to upgrade as I see the versions have gone to 8.4 and beyond!  We are not getting any issues and I'm aware of the difficult migration from 8.2 to 8.4 etc due to...

Andy White by Participant
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Resolved! NAT from outside in

We have a public address scheme that is a .224, so we have a handfull of addresses. We currently nat overload to distribute addresses to our users for the internet. But we use the rest of our addresses for web servers and such. I am trying to figure ...

Cisco ASA memory utilization over 799%

Hi guysI was looking at my CISCO ASA 5520 and i found something really strangeciscoasa/VPN-context# sh mem detailUsed memory:      4259249568 bytes (793%)-------------     ----------------Total memory:      536870912 bytes (100%)but when I look at th...

Resolved! Does anyone can explain open port in ASA firewall

10.18.20.X        <<<<<<<<ASA<<<<<<<<<          1.1.1.X(Web server here)                                                (internet)i have already test to open a port for public ip ( and also internal ip ( of them can successfu...

Resolved! ASA 5505 license woes

Hi,I'm trying to activate the DMZ interface on a restricted license ASA 5505 but I get an error when I try to ADD the interface. The message says "With the current license device will only supports 2 fully functional interfaces. Third interface can b...

joe.favia by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA 8.4 port forward command request

i can't do it with ASDM and try to use command but still failnat (inside,outside) source static inside- 4F- is working fine for the above command if there is more than one public ip, in case is for firewall interface publ...

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