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I have a test environment that contains two Cisco 3560-X switches in router mode.  The ASA 5515-X firewall is currently configured in transparent mode between the two switches as follows:3560X(inside LAN)--->Gi0/24-->Gi0/0-----ASA5515X--------Gi0/1<-...

              Hi AllI'm migrating a client away from legacy FWSMs running release 4.1, to new ASA-5585s. The current design involves a pair of legacy 6500's (not VSS) at their two DCs. each running separate FWSM HA's. The two DCs are connected via a ...

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Hello everyone,Last week I created a new discussion for NEW site-to-site VPN, worked with Jouni Forss to configure the ASA 5505 running-config for 8.4 for connecting to a remote company using public IP addresses for our site-to-site VPN.I thought bes...

Hi......!I am having two ASA 5520 firewalls which are configured as Failover, but from two days back my second firewall (Stand by) is changing its state,Due to which my core switches (4506-E) are changeing there status in HSRP.......!Please see the b...

I have a problem with a PIX'm trying to make a NAT, and want to know if it may be with any origin, as would be the expression to make a static NAT?I need help with this problem static (outside, inside) any_source 0 0Greeting...