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Hi!I have one internal IP and two external IP adresses. I want to use one adress for allowing mail to my server and one address for sending mails to mobile phones. I am not sure about how the NAT should look like. The ACL is no problem since I have t...

Lajja1234 by Beginner
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I have our main site using a Cisco 5510 running 8.4.2 code and a remote site using a Cisco 5505 running 8.4.2 code.  The main site has a T1 and the remote site is using a DSL connection.  About every other day I have to reset the connection at the re...

tkelly by Beginner
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Hello All,I was reviewing my ASA config and noticed that port 1025 was being allowed in and statically NAT'd to connect to my email server:access-list outside_in extended permit tcp any host X.X.X.X eq 1025static (inside,outside) tcp interface 1025 Y...

Hi,I have a new ASA 5512-x.Have a PC connected to the management port. I have network access to it, can tftp up files and ping the firewall.When I try to access it by or I get "webpage could not be found". Have...

Hi Community!I have a 5505 firewall deployed in a home office with two 7941 telephones behind it.  The phones pull PoE from the ASA.  The firewall was deployed a couple weeks ago, and everything worked great for about 2 days.  (This configuration has...

jhubel by Beginner
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I am confused on this step as I put together my project plan:- do you install the memory first before you upgrade firmware or do you upgrade firmware first then install memory?- this is for an 8.2(1) --> 8.4(1) upgradeThanks guys

mingram27 by Beginner
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