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Hi All,1> Created two NT groups in window VPNusers Networkusers2>created two group in acs such as Routernetworkadminswitch networkadmin.3> Mapped vpnusers with routernetworkadmin   mapped networkusres with switchnetworkadmin4> Created two NDGCoredevi...

Dear Team,I am having multiple vlans in my organisation. My organisations is divides into 4 floor. Each floor is contains the multiple vlans. I want to configure the complete redundancy. Can you please suggest the network topology for the same?

I'm currently using the Inspection Engine to prevent most users from accessing .zip (and the like) files.  However, this also blocking some websites used during daily business.  I keep getting the following or similar syslog message:%ASA-4-507003: tc...

Hi,Need some help with PAT. I  want to use a different public IP address for NAT from the one assigned to the "outside2" interface. Below are the configs that I have used. When I am running "Config - I" (please see below) everything is fine, i am abl...

Dear support,Our client has previously purchased the ISA 550 and would like to aggregate 2 HDSL links to benefit from load balancing and redundancy.Kindly advise if the ISA 550 is capable of thatRegards

I am having an interesting routing issue.I have 4 ASA 5520 firewalls. The inside interface for each ASA is on 192.168.1.x/24. FW1 has .1 FW2 has.2 and so on.FW4 is setup to provide VPN access into this 192.168.1.x/24 network. There are many servers i...

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Hellp Everyone,I am trying to create a Access-List on my Core Switch, in which I want to allow few internet website & block the rest of them.I want to allow the whole Intranet but few intranet websites also needs access to the internet.Can we create ...