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Cisco 6500 NAT - DNS Issue

I have been trying to implement NAT on a Cisco 6500 today. It seems the issue I'm having is DNS related, as I can access wesites via IP address.  From inside the local network I can ping my DNS servers (, but web browsers timeou...

ASA 5505 is not boot up

Hi My ASA5505 is not boot up. I did upload ios from rommon mode with tftp and tftpdnld.It is uploaded successfully after reboot it stopped at cisco logo sing. Use, duplication, or disclosure by the Government issubject to restrictions as set forth i...

aminulnt by Beginner
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ASA firewall site to site discrepancy

Hi All, During the configuration of site to site tunnel, we have the below configs done;iam not sure  but there is a discrepancy in it for the crypto map identifier that is 5 from site a to site BDue to this there is intermittent connectivity loss fr...

Queries on ASA Inspection

Hi,We do have many default inspections in ASA firewall but wondering what all those mean? what each can do if configured & what can miss if not.can someone please help to understand the same  & guide if document of url details about samepolicy-map ty...

droped by uRPF

Friends                   In packet tracer fail, the traffic can get through, the unicast rpf is not dropping it.In packet tracer fail, looks like the return packet is DROPed because of uRPF.ASA1# show ip verify statistics interface OCODC: 0 unicast ...

ASA 8.4(3) timeout configuration

Hi to everybody, I would like to know something with more accuration about idle timeout configuration.In particular why is impossible to set "half-closed connections"  to a value lower than 5 minutes neither through a policy-map? In my  particular sc...

pmoresi74 by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Failed to block teamviewer

Hi am trying the below configuration found on the internet  to stop teamviewer on cisco asa , but its not working , pls adjust the config to make a switable for workregex TV-RGX “\.teamviewer\.com”regex DG-RGX “\.dyngate\.com”class-map inspection_def...

Ibrahim Jamil by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! 2 X ASA's Failover - Only one ISP

Hi all,Got a pair of 5540 ASA's and would like to fo some high availibility to guard against disaster, however the design has only one internet link that is terminated on the OUTSIDE interface, public IP being on a /30. Im trying to come up with a so...

ASA5510 Enable password not working

Hi all,I have a problem with an ASA5510 (8.0.4) firewall in South Africa (I'm in the UK).It's a replacement firewall that I am trying to configure remotely through a serial device with an internet facing connection, but the enable password is not wor...

sykesaeh by Beginner
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