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add one more public IP on ASA

Hi,Please find my current interface IP.I want to add one more public IP on it.interface Ethernet0/0 description ASA Outside segment speed 100 duplex full nameif OUTSIDE security-level 0 ip address!interface Ethernet0/1 de...

Failover FWSM 4.1(6)

Hi everybody.I have a problem with the failover FWSM. I have a structure with two switches 6500 and each having a FWSM. I updated the FWSM to 4.1 (6) in the both, but when I try to enable failover got the following error:First FWSM:Mate's license (Fa...

Resolved! ASA cannot logon w/ ADSM (SSH is OK)

all,since yesterday, I cannot logon with adsm anymore.when I run adsm, I type in my pw, and the screen keeps displaying "contacting the device". No timeout, just stays this way.I've updated the java version, no luck.I can connect with SSH with no pro...

FWSM stopped working

  i have a customer having 2 FWSM installed in VSS 6509he  was not able to access them , on same time communication between clients and Database behind firewall was disconnected.he Reload both FWSM module in sequence resolve the problem.i need to inv...

* Quick compatability question regarding ACS and VMWare 2008R2 64bit

                   Hi,We run some Cisco ACS applicances at the moment and our remote agent is installed on our domain controller / active directory server which are soon to be moved from windows 2003 server to a VMWare windows 2008 R2 64bit platform....

cisco ASA5505 dual ISP

Hi all,how can I setup that the backup connection will start but after 30s of icmp timeout the default gateway (tracket object - configuration:sla monitor 123 type echo protocol ipIcmpEcho interface outside num-packets 3 fr...

Resolved! Can the ASA perform SNAT?

SNAT as in "Source NAT".  I'm trying to setup dual firewalls and want to use both concurrently while I transition my inbound NAT rules to the ASA.  However, the default route on the core switch prohibits me from doing this since it only knows about t...

david by Beginner
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ASA 5510 with SSM-10 ARC

Hello there,I am configuring remote host blocking on SSM-10 within ASA to make shun on certain signatures. SSM-10 resides on the same ASA on which it should perform shun action. But unfortunately it doesn't work. ASA version ins 8.4(3) and IPS versio...

l77l88l99l by Beginner
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ASA5510 Static 1to1 NAT Configuration Issue

We are replacing our EOL Watchguard X1000 Firewall(s) with Cisco ASA 5510 unit - ASA Version 8.4(3).  Following is the static NAT I have build and the corresponding access list.nat (FW2Inside,FW2Outside) source static BW_XSP1_Private BW_XSP1_Public d...

dhamlyn57 by Beginner
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Resolved! Internal server NAT to DMZ

Folks:I need a little help with this question since I never encounted a deployment like this.I currently have a server on the internal network that is has been NAT to the subnet of the DMZ. I cannot ping any internal servers from the DMZ that has not...

ASA 8.4 NAT subnets?

Need to setup some static NATs for some networks and IP ranges. Rather than setting up 50+ individual NAT rules I'm thinking 8.3 or 8.4 supports snat for networks?Example73.11.200.88/29 and would always be static NAT fo...

swagoner1 by Beginner
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