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Hello Guys,                    Please, I need to create a static NAT in order to allow a specific host(source)  on internet (ex: to connect a specific internal host (ex: for a video-conference system.  My question is : h...

I am not sure if NAT is the solution, but here is my problem:For a test lab I have the following setup: (The IP's are in 192.168.49.x range and subnetted as /29)Landing server([[Cisco6500]]-(49.1/29)---(49.2)Cisco ...

Don Jacob by Beginner
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IOS IPS customers running version 12.4T, 15.0M, or 15.1M - a critical software defect has been identified which may cause your router to reload and be stuck in a boot loop if IOS IPS signature version S639 or later is installed on the device. Recove...

pradnaga by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! ASDM Damaged?

Hi people,I'm having strange issue, since I upgraded the ASDM on all of our ASAs, I'm getting this error,"Cisco ASDM-IDM" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.See the following attachment how it looks like... I upgraded fro...

gudvardur by Beginner
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Hi,I would like to know about asa 5500-x. Does it supports application visibility and granular control for different applications. Moreover bandwidth control based on different users and different applications

shihab by Beginner
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