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Hi,I wish to set up a ASA5505 with QoS, and to allow specific port numbers to have priority going through compared to rest of the traffic. Eg ports 21, 80, 443. So for example if im maxing out a torrent, it doesnt impact web traffic etcThe current li...

alcatron1 by Beginner
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Originally my network was set up with a Cisco ASA5505 at the edge and was configured for VPNs to connect the remote offices to the main office. As part of company expansion I am in the process of deploying a New Cisco 2921 router at the edge of the n...

HelloASA8.2 and ASA8.4, first one use classic nat, second ASA twice NAT.I need to incject into ospf global outside adresses which are from NAT pools or static outside addresses.On IOS when defining NAT pool i could add it to routing table.How can i m...

teknet7 by Beginner
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I am currently troubleshooting a firewall policy on a ASA 5505. What command can enter in the CLI to enable live view of traffic been block and which traffic is been allow?In my experiences with other firewall vendors, other firewalls allow me to nar...

par13 by Beginner
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TCP OUTSIDE: INSIDE: flags UfFRIOTCP OUTSIDE: INSIDE: flags UIOTCP OUTSIDE: what is diffrence between two flags

I am actually going to setup my ASA 5505 with two different outside ISPs such that half of inside lan networks will be natted into 1 ISP and other half of the inside lan networks will be natted into other ISP ,so this means1.1.1.1/24  is our one ISP2...

zac192000 by Beginner
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Resolved! NAT ASA 8.4+

Greetings, I'm reading through the 8.4 guide NAT configurations explanations and examples. I stumbled on the following example. The following example configures dynamic NAT that hides network behind a range ofoutside addresses th...

merryllem by Beginner
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We have a need for an inside address to have more than one static NAT outside addresses.  I know this wasn't possible before 8.3.X code.  I still can't quite get it to work with 8.4.X code yet.Here is what I had with 8.2 code.static (inside,outside) ...

lovedam by Beginner
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Default FWSM inspection policyHow does traffic inspection works ?Traffic with Inspection On is sent to the Control Point for Deep Paket Inspection and tarffic not being inspected takes Fastpath.For ExampleIf I remove SQLNET from default inspection , ...

Moin Khan by Beginner
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On FWSM (running version 4.1 in my case) the default global policy uses the following class map:class-map inspection_default match default-inspection-trafficDoes anyone know what "default-inspection-traffic" includes? Is it all traffic? If so, do I r...

bourse by Beginner
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