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Hi everyone,which ASA 5500 model can best be recommemded for the following specification?Number of Internal users: : 150 UserDo you have an external router handling routing of packets internally and externally- if no, do you need the Firewall to do a...

rahman001 by Beginner
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HI there.I've been asked to configure a VPN to a remote office location and to NAT my Office VLAN behind one fixed IP.My office VLAN: static IP: Office: am ok to configure the VPN and IPSEC ...

Hi community,I would like to schedule automatic backups of our ASA5500's OoO-hours:1. SSH from secure server and create _FULL_ backup - what would be the CLI command(s) ?2. SCP from secure server and retreive file(s) - what is the location of the fil...

maymann76 by Beginner
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I have installed ASA 5520 firewall and 1841 Cisco router. firewall is connected to internet and the router. Router is connected to Network. There two networks available. I have completed the configuration. but problems. i dont know how to do the band...

mhmhuzair by Beginner
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I am migrating an asa 5520 from 8.2 to 8.3 and after the migration the ACL's are blocking access to the DMZ. It looks like the NAT functions were migrated properly by the migration tool but now when I try to access devices in the DMZ the ACL is denyi...

Good morning,I have been configuring a cisco ASA 5520, everything is working fine but when i create an ACL: access-list OUT extended permit ip 172.16.x.x anyaccess-group OUT out interface outsidei added ports like www or 443 and it is n...

Hi Guys, facing an issue here and need some expert knowhow....I have several interfaces on my ASA  that is also connected with S2S  to the HQ office...i have 3 /24 subnets heavily subneted inbetween interfaces and have a collapsed core as well so any...

Hello,I have a ASA5510 running asa841-k8.bin and ASDM 6.4.The CSC-module is a ASA-SSM-CSC-10-K9 running CSC SSM 6.3.1172.0.The module is reachable via ping and session via cli.If I try to connect via ASDM I get the error, that the Management-Port of ...

I would like to understand what configuration pieces need to be in place for SunRPC inspection to work properly. I have the following scenario: NFS server is on higher security interface, and NFS clients are on lower security interface. I have defaul...

frame6500 by Beginner
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Hi,I'm trying to migrate a configuration of an ASA 5520(Version: ASA 8.0(5)) to an ASA 5585 (Version: 8.4(2)). I keep getting some errors which are included below. I've been struggling with these for some copule of weeks and read the documentation on...

Have been running new sensor for about a week now.  I implemented in promiscuous mode as the documentation seemed to indicate that inline will tend to bottleneck internet traffic.My questions are :Are you running in inline mode and what can I expect ...

nagel by Beginner
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