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hello sir,with regarding to the firewall ASA5520, i'm using it in my network, all the confiuration are properly configured and working but with the use of proxy address in internet explorer(e.: all the blocked contents as easily a...

iabhianand by Beginner
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Hello all,I have a working easyvpn setup.  We need to change the HQ ip address (current it is i.e  This is ACL is applied to Fastethenet conecting to ISP:interface FastEthernet4description $FW_OUTSIDE$$ETH-WAN$ip address dhcpip acces...

carolomoc by Beginner
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Hi All, how can I make the web agent or CAA being excempt from Android deivces? what OS would I select in the Clean Access Agent > General tab?  I can't login to the network wirh Android devices and it says "web login page and CAA only are for window...

We've recently shut down an interface on one of our ASA5510s as we no longer use that service provider.  The dashboard, however, still insists on showing traffic usage on this interface.  How do I change the dashboard to display a more meaningful int...

pootboy69 by Beginner
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Hi,Below are the logs. Please do let me know what causes the firewall to fail from primary firewall to secondary firewall.Pix logs08/11/2007 17:12:06 Local4 Alert Nov 08 2011 17:06:14 pix-firewall : %PIX-1-105036: (Secondary) LAN failover...