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I don't know if this problem is a ASA issue or other,  just looking for opinions.I have a Corporate website where my users keep getting disconnected from.   The admin of that website sent me this information in an email.....I've traced two sessions s...

srroeder by Beginner
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hi guys,how do you enabled multiple port mapping on asa 5505? i want to use 1 static ip address for rdp connection for 15 users, and the port will start from 3390 to 3340.  how can i accomplish this? thanks...

TY08 by Beginner
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I want to use hostnames in my ACL's instead of IP addresses so I have enabled DNS on the ASA.I have enabled (or so I think) DNS on the ASAciscoasa(config)# dns domain-lookup outsideciscoasa(config)# dns name-server when I ping www....

lquin1978 by Beginner
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Hi Guys currently we have folwoing config in aur ASArouter eigrp 90 no auto-summary distribute-list intoout_route out interface outside network!access-list intoout_route permit this ASA is connec...

Hello I have a CS Manager 3.2, i have configured a site-to-site vpn in ASA, but there is sometime problem of connecting and disconnecting very rare case it happens,When such happens i want to know what exactly happened and what events are generated. ...

I am running a Cisco NM-IPS-K9 on a Cisco 3845 with version 7.0(5)E4.  I need to find the following information:1.  How do you tell what version of SNMP the module is using?2.  How do you configure SSH session time-out values on SSH session with the ...

lei.silva by Beginner
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I have a spare ASA5505 w/Base License that we want to use as the router/firewall between our wi-fi network and our secondary internet connection. Currently we have a NetGear box as the router there and it is on its last legs.  In order for the ASA w/...

Hi everyone,can i please get the cisco equivalent of the following: I think cyberoam product.1 unit of Cyberoam CR100ai UTM with the Total Value subscription package (anti-virus, antispam, intrusion prevention system and web & application filtering )...

rahman001 by Beginner
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Dear,   I am using csm 3.3.0 and ACS 4.2. I followed all of the procedure for integrating csm with ACS according to cisco document.But when i applying in CSM it is showing that AAA client is not configured.But actually i registered CSM Server as AAA ...

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