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I'm having some trouble with getting cisco vpn traffic to flow from a remote site that's using NAT to my home Cisco VPN connection, the connection is established, but I can't do anything with my VPN connection, ping, and reach my home network is not ...

hi, I'm trying to configure an asa 5510 8.2(1)I have a range of pub ips 3*.108.234.145-150 >>> E0/0  3*.108.234.146 outside public      >>> E0/1  inside        >>> E0/2  dmz           would like to map dmz host

lcruzlcruz by Beginner
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Hi all, I am trying to troubleshoot a site to site VPN tunnel, I do not have a syslog server . the question I have :1) How can I check the event log on my firewall using the CLI2) Also when I go to ASDM realtime log viewer and log buffer I can not se...

r.arzouni by Beginner
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Hi,Can someone please tell me what this statement does in combining dynamic and static nat in this manner? nat (outside,outside) source dynamic DM_INLINE_NETWORK interface destination static obj-a.b.c.d obj-a.b.c.dThanks.

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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I have a network of ASA's set to send syslog to a syslog server. When you first set the ASA to log to syslog it all works, but after a while it stops sending. Then if you reset (turn off logging, turn it back on again) it will start logging until it ...

_airdesk_ by Beginner
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I have an ASA that we are using to allow guests access to the Internet via the Outside interface.  What command can I issue to allow all traffice types from the DMZ where my guests sit, to the Internet.  They use all sorts of things such as SMTP, IMA...

Dear Experts!!!!!Below i am mentioning some limitations of ASA Firewall.Does not support Policy based routing.Does not support two default routes in the routing table.Does not HTTPS filtering with CSC module if client using internet explorer 8 or ear...

Dear All,We are going to buy a new Firewall ASA5510 to use failover possibilities.I just need to be sure it will be possible to implement as I have the following output after a "show ver" command:Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.3...

Hi,I need to create a DMZ zone in my network. One server need to be put in DMZ. I have a PIX 515E 6.3.3. It has free port to create DMZ.My plan is like1) Put a new switch for DMZ zone2) Connect it to the DMZ port3) Create a NAT for inside to DMZ with...

vipinrajrc by Participant
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