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Hi All, My client has given me some mcafee url's which needs to open from asa firewall to communicate. But here im facing an difficulty to telnet such urls on port 443 from firewall inspite i have no port restriction rule for outbound traffic. Can an...

sv7 by Level 3
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I am creating new Site to Site Tunnels as a mesh for 4 Sites (At least I hope I am lol) . Anyways when I start the process it ask if i wish to do Firepower Device or Threat Defense. All tunnels that are in place that I am attempting to bring over are...

After we implemented two factor authentication, Cisco DUO for ASA administration, we are no longer able to download ASDM from the GUI.  When we go to https://x.x.x.x, we get a prompt for username and password, but was not able to download the ASDM fr...

sliang by Level 1
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Hi Cisco ASA syslog message 302013 (ASA-6-302013: Built inbound TCP connection) does it really means a established TCP connection (after 3 way handshake) or does it mean that just the SYN packet is allowed through the firewall? Regards, Aneesh Kaim...

My company is thinking of getting Tanium as a one stop all in one solution for our needs.It seems to be more for system such as "unix/redhat/windows" but I am wondering if it has any functions for networking components. ? They also claim that there i...

cozzmo by Level 1
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 Question 1: If "show asp-drop" has any entry, that is considered to be a dropped packet right?Question 2: Is there a way for me to troubleshoot the above capture to figure this out? This information is not showing up in other logging. The traffic ju...

KGrev by Level 4
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Hi,Scenario: Server is sending an "initialize" packet every 10 seconds to an ip beyond an ASA.Server sends on upd/4000, expects a response on 4001.The very first time this happens is is successful, after a few minutes the end device stops receiving t...

KGrev by Level 4
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