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All I want to do is  have VNC connect on port 5950. So I want to forward traffic coming in  on the external ip address on port 5950 an internal ip address on port  5950. Here is my config:Building configuration...Current configuration : 21370 bytes!v...

jsandau by Level 1
  • 17 replies
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Hello Experts,I have ASA 5510 firewall box that needs to be configured from the scratch where-on the old start config has been removed and now when i create V-LAN then it's not making.Even the rest conf has been done successfully w/o problem. When i ...

ray_stone by Level 1
  • 6 replies
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I just replaced my PC, and reloading all monitoring software. I loaded IME 6.x, and added 3 devices (ASA AIM-20 Primary and Failover, 4240 sensor).Then, I remembered there was a newer version (7.0.3), so I downloaded that version, and installed. Ever...

rsmith by Level 3
  • 5 replies
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Hi GuysI am not able to ping from to and getting following error msg on pix.Deny icmp src abc_dmz dst inside (type 8, code 0) byaccess-group "ACL_abcI already have access list from to 10.12...

Could someone let me know how to setup access to an inside host (I am not doing any NAT'ing - no RFC 1918 address), which uses all Public Addresses on the inside from the outside interface using ASA IOS v8.3.  I tried (for testing only) using a "perm...

rafrancis by Level 1
  • 8 replies
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two pix connect by failover cable and state interface.when we connect failover serial cable , found primary unit inside/outside interface down.  state interface is ok.after we disconnect failover cable, primary unit inside/outdise interface turn up.p...

fly by Level 2
  • 12 replies
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