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I upgraded our ASA5540 to 8.4, THEN noted the increased requirements for Memory.I purchased the 2Gig upgrade, but when installing in the Primary unit today, noted that there were 4 slots.Slots 1/3 had 512Mb modules, so I installed the 2 x 1Gig module...

rsmith by Level 3
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Hi,I need a firewall that has an absolutely worst case throughput of 500Mb/s sustained with all security features enabled.I'm looking at the 5550 platform as meeting this requirement, but would like comments.Does the way Cisco specs their throughput ...

lcaruso by Level 6
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Hi all,I have a problem getting my ASA 5520 boot properly. I first though of a flash problem and did a flash erase in ROMMON, then it brought error 15 during boot (No images found in / Error 15: File not found). I then TFTPied and image from Rommon, ...

bassono_t by Level 1
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I am troubleshooting a s2s vpn between an ISR871 and my ASA5520 and I suspect a problem with my crypto-maps.Is there a way I can display an access-list on the ASA and have the object names substituted with their IP addresses?Thanks very much.John

ForumI am working at a client site today where we are using some packet captures on the clients ASA to perform some problem resolution.When I perform a "sho capture" on the ASA, I have this output:ODEC-ASA# sho capturecapture X type raw-data interfac...

hi all,i got one mpls ip-vpn line from our isp . it is working good i can communicate my other offices.but now the problem is i want to register some avaya phones in the branch office.but my avaya server is located in headoffice.i can able to ping my...

zeuscyril by Level 4
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Hi everyone,I want to confirm if the upgrade license (ASA5505-SW-10-UL=) is backward compactible with PIX 501 firewall device?though pix 501is end of life bit i want to verify if the upgrade license for asa5505 will work with it?thanks..brsam

rahman001 by Level 1
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Hi,We have a FWSM running on multiple context on our network, and recently we found from ' sh service-policy' the FWSM is dropping some of our xdmcp packet.Inspect: xdmcp, packet 16208, drop 81, reset-drop 0here is the running configuration for the s...

Hi everyone,  I'm having an issue, with an WS-SVC-FWM-1-K9.  The card doesn't boot properly, it tries to boot, but after a while the 6500 puts it in shutdown.  I've noticed that it has 2 RJ45 ports in the board, I've plugged my console cable, but i o...

PT-TAC by Level 1
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All,  I am new to using a FWSM.  I am familiar with the PIX and ASA's.  We have two Cisco 6509's with a FWSM installed in both.  Our network is shown in the diagram.  We use Blue Coat Packetshapers and Barracuda Proxy appliances.  I plan on setting u...

gdrandles by Level 1
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