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Resolved! Pinging or TFTPing between two ASA's

I have two ASA's, soon to have several more out in the field connecting little networks together.  My main ASA has a site to site built between itself and another ASA (Main ASA5520 / Other ASA5505).I can SSH or telnet to the 5505, even to its interna...

rbill1967 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco ASDM Realtime Logging

HiA very simple question i think.  Can i vew traffic in the realtime  viewer in ASDM 6.1 for just a specific port?  Im trying to see traffic  on port 25 but i dont know the filter i need to put in.  If i put 25 in  there i get too much info with anyt...

marshyrob by Beginner
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ASA firewalls in HA - access backup

How do you access the standby firewall in a HA availability setup ?  In other words, Is there a way to connect to the backup unit so that I can run the enable command and then do a "show tech-support" which will give the serial number?

lkadlik by Beginner
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NAC with Cisco 7940 IP phones

I have read through this forum for a few hours now trying to get a handle on how to properly configure a Cisco 3310 NAC appliance in an environment in which each end-user PC connects to the network through their Cisco 7940 IP phone.From what I have g...

Resolved! show telnet/firewall connection session?

Hi all,We can check the number of SSH sessions that are connected and the connection state to the PIX by issuing this command:show ssh sessionHow about telnet session? Console session? Or any connection from firewall administrator to the firewall. Th...

Adam David by Beginner
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url filtering issue?

Hi,I have a websense server on the inside network (LAN) of ASA set up for filtering LAN network and DMZ network. URLF policy is set to filter any to any for http. Filtering works when accessing internet from clients in LAN, but not when accessing int...

Nating with PIX 515

Hy,We have an issue with a 515 PIX.  Here is the situation:1) Users use a client/server application that is remotely located.  The local network at site 1 where the users are located uses private addressing 192.168.x.x and NAT to the exterior with th...

Resolved! IPs Placement for Dual FW

Hi all,We have basic set up : 2 Core SW  (6513 -port channelled) --> 2 ASA (Active/standby: running OSPF). ASAs DMZ  --> 2 DMZ switches (2948 & 3560 port channeled).Same core Switches, --> second pair ASA via different vlan than First pair (runs OSPF...

mvsheik123 by Rising star
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Cisco Pix 501/506e throughput

Hello All,               I am looking at buying a Cisco Pix router for home use.I've been working in IT for 8 years or so, and I'm looking to try something a little different at home. I've also been in the market for a router that will seemlessly VPN...

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