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Hi.I have problems with an ASA 5510 and GRE.I can't make a gre tunnel from the inside network to a host on the internet. I only get to the part where I have to enter the username and password and there it breaks. I get a teardown gre connection in th...

Resolved! IME 7.0.1 disk space management

Hello,Anyone has any idea how to clear old logs, tables and events from IME server (not on the sensor itself)as it collected 13GB of data under C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\Cisco IPS Manager Express\MYSQL\data\alarmDBI did adjusted values for archi...

owaisberg by Beginner
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Resolved! Upgrading ASA 5510s failover pair to 5540s

I am in the planning stage to upgrade ASA 5510s failover (active/standby) pair to 5540s.  Is it possible to load the config on the new 5540, replace the secondary 5510 with it, fail over to the 5540 and then replace the primary 5510 with the other 55...

smjaggers by Beginner
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Problems Installation CSM 3.3.0

When i try to install the application the followinr error message appears INFO: IEV install : panel_checkForInstalledIEV : Cisco IPS Event Viewer is already installed on your machine.  As a part of the regular Cisco Security Manager installation a ne...

kathy-kat by Beginner
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Resolved! Configure PIX515e with No NAT

Hi, I’m trying to configure a basic PIX firewall configuration with No NAT. The problems are: I can not ping from the inside network: to the outside interface: or the device on the outside network I can not pi...

Where is Bios_A04.exe for IDS-4235?

Hello All,I just bought an old IDS-4235 and I need to upgrade its bios to a04. According to Cisco documentation, the BIOS_A04.exe should be in the recovery/upgrade CD. I have a CCO account, I downloaded various versions of upgrade/recovery images to ...

ron by Beginner
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Resolved! nat-problem with asa 5520 8.3

hi,we upgrade our asa 5520 this weekend to release 8.3. the problem is, that i have to reach the server with ip behind the transit-intern-interface (sec-level 100) from the www across the outside-interface (sec-level-0) over the public-ip...

IP renewing Issue

Hi,Please see my network diagram for referance.In all the systems IndiseA, InsideB, InsideC and InsideD are IP address assigned statically and also the DNS Server IP. (DNS Server located in Network B with Ip Address of My Inside A,B,C ...

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