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I was asked to re-image the firewalls , do the FTD's need to be registered on the FMC , when I re-image them , i have had cisco TAC , with me for severals weeks , now and he's done a deep dive on linux , 'to try to fix this problem , here's a snippet...

Hi Team,   we are getting below error while deleting the user from GUI. Error : Error deleting user    Also i have tried to delete from CLI using below command -D username   getting error " unable to delete the user while they are logged ...

 So currently i hv create another hostname with no-ip ddns but i cant connect it to cisco router.and this is for the connection for outside to inside, what ip address should i enter here?This is the connection from inside to outside.

error.png outside.png inside.png
s100164 by Level 1
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Hi guys, I have an ASA-5508X w/ firepower that I recently upgraded to the latest recommended version 9.16(2)14.  We are using Anyconnect and a recent security audit detected that TLS 1 and 1.1 are allowed on the outside IP.  Using the latest ASDM 7.1...

kgula by Level 1
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