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Hi, we're running FDM on Firepwower Appliances ver 7.1 and try to configure captive portal to protect an internal web service. With SNORT v3 we were not able to get that to work at all. Since we downgraded to SNORT v2 it works as expected. The only t...

pweyrosta by Level 1
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Hi,we use an ASA in a multi customer enviroment in our Datacenters.We use certificate to profile mappings to be sure, that customer a can´t useprofiles of customer b. So far so good, but now we need to use more than one profilefor one customer, becau...

wabbot22 by Level 1
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Hi  folks, Good Day to you all, I want to know how zero-touch configuration works in Meraki the whole process step by step and how internal communication like internal vlan traffic and Management traffic works separately.

Hi,I enrolled LevelUp program last Thursday ( 3 working days ago), and haven't heard anything back. Anyone enrolled before? How long normally does it take for Cisco to acknowledge/accept/deny? Who can I contact to check? TAC support line is a long Q....

Dear Experts, Can anyone teach me on how to manually config IP-MAC address on Firepower 2110? I am using DHCP server from the Firepower for the guest network, but I would like to make one of device to be static.Is it possible to configure manual bind...

eeebbunee by Level 1
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Hi, I want to know 2 things about ASA on FPR2100.1. When is EOS,EOL of Firepower 2100 ASA Standard ?2. My ASA FPR2100 license suddenly got into the above state.I've been using it for years with a successful license registration, but it's broken.The l...


I administer a site with several FTDs, controlled by a vFMC. At the time of installation, around a year ago, I heard rumours from various sources that support for HyperV was "Roadmapped". Since we use HyperV exclusivly as a virtualisation host, I pur...

itsupport by Level 1
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Hello Everyone,I want to ask a quetion.We have a Cisco ASA 5525.The equipment has never been turned off but,If it look at the operating hours of the equipment(device up time) in ASDM, it turned off and on a few days ago.we already runed Cisco CLI ana...

psm9328 by Level 1
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