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Cisco PIX 515e static question

Hi,I have two pix 515e firewalls running v7.2(3). They have a similar setup. On one pix outside has a small /29 ip block which routes a /25 and a /27. I've setup two static rules to allow traffic from a lower interface to higher levels. This works no...

tspoor by Beginner
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Order of ACLs in PIX config

Hi,until recently the order of access lists in our PIX config was:namesacl_outsideacl_dmzacl_insideacl nat0acl crypto mapsstatic mappingsisakmpsRecently, while editing access-list acl_inside I entered no access-list acl_inside which removed all the a...

maileym01 by Beginner
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Turn off firewall for ASA running IPS

I have two ASA devices. 5510 with IPS and 5520 with Content scanning. The 5510 sits behind the 5520. I want the 5520 to perform all firewall functions along with content scanning for spyware and viruses. The 5510 will be used purely for IPS for t...

jkrysinski by Beginner
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SMTP Failing with V8.03

I have two PIX 515's running in failover mode that were just upgraded to ver 8.03 from v 7.11.Ever since the upgrade on Friday the PIX will work fine for about 10-15 hours. Then all of a sudden no one on my network can send mail? I have confirmed t...

Destination NAT

Ive got some Client on the Inside Network which should connect to a Server on the Outside Network through a PIX 501. Now I want to translate the Destination Address fom the Inside to the Ouside. Anybody an idea how to do that? Thanks

wostrobel by Beginner
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Windows VPN Server behind ASA 5510

I have an odd issue with with my VPN setup. I'm using a Windows 2000 server as a VPN server, it sits behind an ASA 5510. All of my users can get in fine in their normal use, generally remotely connecting over DSL. However I often get reports of fa...

benhanson by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! ASA 5510, DMZ, NAT

Hi,I'm new to the ASA and I'm trying to set up a demo 5510 in a test environment. There is a webserver in the DMZ that I'd like to make accessible to the inside and the outside. I have a /27 and would like to use a different IP than the interface f...

ASA5505 - problem with email, OWA and VPN

I tried to setup the Cisco ASA 5505 (Version 7.1(1)) @ my own office.My overall network:DSL modem (, which connected ASA outside VLAN2 ( and then it connected to ASA inside VLAN1 ( is the p...

vvii by Beginner
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Vpn And windows 2003 DHCP

Hi I Have aquestion, i am using cisco pix 515e withs cisco ios 7.0(4) with ASDM 5.0. I am configuring VPN access to my corporate network and I have the vpn working fine. But there is one thing, i only can connect with the vpn if I use an ipaddress p...

FW module reboot

Does anyone know of a bug that would cause or know why 2 Fw modules keep rebooting or failing over to each other. They are housed in 2 different 6500 switches.

newbie by Beginner
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