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We have run into an issue with an ASA5516-X device where we cannot issue new deployments.  All deployments fail, creating an entry in pigtail deploy like this:NGUI: 04-01 19:59:51 ajp-nio-8009-exec-5: ERROR ExceptionHandlerAspect:48 - Managed NGFWApp...

how deep do I need to lear about Zone-Based Firewall . on the book OCG on page 435 and 436 , it is just have page. on the Domain 2.0 I don't find it . but yet on the exam I have couple question about firewall. any advice

Hello all,I am having an issue where I am getting a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED whenever I visit a website without HTTPS in the URL. I have narrowed it to the firewall blocking the traffic because the direct connection to the internet via the modem doesn'...

wil137 by Level 1
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Hi All,From few days i m facing whatsapp call reconnecting issue intermittent in my firewall firepower 2100. can anyone faced same issue? Once I bp-pass my firewall network to 3g or 4g it works fine.I also configured whatsapp to be on trust from fire...

ahsan1 by Level 1
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Is it possible for the FMC to run a report to indicate what rules are inactive/disabled? What about reporting what objects are not being used?I know beside various items there is a "report" icon, or "export to csv" but this isn't giving me the info I...