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I am running a NAC Manager failover pair with 5 sets of CAS servers. Each set of CAS servers is licensed to run different quantities of users. (i.e 1500 or 3500) I have loaded all licenses into the Manager. (All PAK Coses were properly submitted u...

Is it possible to have the 678 forward everything, not just all ports, but its external ip address too? Much like most cable routers do? I want the 678 to forward everything to my internal firewall, so my internal firewall has the internet routeab...

DanielO by Beginner
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I've got two DMZs. DMZ1 has the web server with security level 50. DMZ2 is a guest wireless network with security level 10. DNS points to outside. DNS doctoring works fine from the inside for the web server (i.e. when an inside user browses to ht...

milee1420 by Beginner
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I have the ASA 5510 with CSC Plus installed on a network that also uses ISA 2000. I am having some issues with clients trying to connect to the internet. We often experience bad header errors and also have problems with certain sites like Orbitz. Whe...

My CA has emailed me a root certificate that i need to install on my pix before i can request for a ca certificate. I added all the necessary details using the ca command but cannot make a ca request because the pix doesn't have a root certificate. H...

naafi5464 by Beginner
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