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I have load balanced clusters behind my Pix. I have a need for one cluster to exit the firewall and re-enter to the other cluster over the public address so that it will be balanced also. Is there a way to do this?

mjhagen by Beginner
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I am running PIX IOS 6.3 and have a question about connection timeouts.I am trying to setup Exchange 2003 Active Sync for our Pocket PC users, and we are finding that all of them have a significant delay on all incoming e-mails (usually about 15 minu...

dstalls by Beginner
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Checking the events on our IDS 4210 w IDM 5.1, I noted a TCP hijack going from our LAN to the Internet.I am sniffing the connection between outside port of Firewall(ASA 5510) and inside Edge router(3640), therefore the attacker IP is listed as our PA...

usanitary by Beginner
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Good Day, I am looking for advice on the most stable 7.X.x IOS version experiences. Features i shall be using (Single context, failover, VPN, basic firewalling)ThanksGagan

Greetings all. Some of the documentation for the IPS 4260 wasn't entirely clear, so I wanted to ask a very basic question.Does the 4260 ONLY operate in 'inline' mode or can it run as a traditional IDS device (passive, sniffing interfaces) much like t...

gdntsoc by Beginner
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Hi. We are trying to BLOCK port scans coming from INSIDE our LAN. We are confused on how to configure this on the 3800 that houses the IDS module. PLEASE HELP.

netsec123 by Beginner
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hi all, I am using IDSM-2 ( WS-SVC-IDSM-2). Now, I update IDSM-2 from version 4 to version 5. I use Cisco VMS v2.0 to manage IDSM-2. Now, If I update IDSM from v4 to v5, do I need to update Cisco VMS v2.0 ? If I update, what I need to update? Thank y...

mylove142 by Beginner
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hi all, I am new to firewall. now we have a FW for internet access. My boss asked me to design some policy to be applied on the FW. Can some of you share some configuration/policy to me. Our DMZ topology is quite simple: intenet--------internet rou...

I have an IPSec VPN between two PIX 515Es and most of the time it works fine. Every few days however the keep-alive fails with a debug error 713039 for no obvious reason, and then every time an attempt is made to re-establish the VPN the same error o...

Hi I have an ASA5520 Firewall and some 3800 routers with firewall IOS.I want to have two layers of firewall, one at the internet and the other behind the first.I have some questions. Would it be better to have both firewalls ASA.Are there any disadva...

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