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hi all i have a confusion abt the event count value for the signatures. say if i set the event count value to 5 then the signature will fire only if the event ocours 5 times right.does it mean that when the first time the attack packet comes the sign...

The following error has occured while updating the signature file IDS-sig-4.1-5-S252.rpm.pkg on VMS 2.2 machine.what are the possible cause of the errorObject update failed. The update package provided appears to be corrupt, or permission was denied...

talha_490 by Level 1
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we are using ASA 5510inside is the LANoutside to the internetdmz1 to the remote office with ftp servernat (INSIDE) 3 access-list acl_dmz1global (DMZ1) 3 192.168.1-192.168.50findings;1. ftp from lan can login to the ftp sever thru the dmz to the remot...

I am trying to design a new DMZ. I have two internal subnets and My DMZ is going to be For now I will have 1 web server in the DMZ with ports 80 and 443 needed in. I also want to allow the server in...

boshardy1 by Level 1
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I am having an issue with getting our email, web, etc. forwarded to our internal servers. We have a ASA 5520 running version ASA Version 7.0(6). The issue I have is that our "Outside" interface is a natted address, not a real "Public" address. The I...

mcpcca by Level 1
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I am trying to input a statement into a pix running 7.06 that we had in in a 6.3.4 version pix. The statement is as follows: nat (inside) 0 access-list no-natI get this error message on the console.ERROR: access-list has protocol or portWe do have a...

d.waltz by Level 1
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Hi!It seems that the most comfortable way of managing ACLs is to use the "configure net" command. Is there perhaps an even better way to do this?In contrary to a Cat6000, where i can use rsh to script FWSM-commands, i always have to log in to the FWS...

cco1 by Level 1
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Hello all,I want to ask you some question about ASA AIP-SSM module licensing.For example, when we want to purchase a ASA 5520 with AIP-10 module, does it have a default AIP license to work without upgrading to new signatures?Out of box, when you open...

scandan by Level 1
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This is the output when the proccesor was high. Some of the VPN client users were unable to log in. when those users that were logged in started getting out the proccessor activity started going down until it reached 7%.

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