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PIX allowing SSL ftp

We have a client that needs to have information transfered to them using SSL FTP, medical information. We are using a PIX running 6.3(4) OS. The standard FTP works ok, but when we enable the SSL settings on the Ipswitch FTP server, we can connect, b...

ereinoehl by Beginner
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CSA Server Agent License

HI all,i bought 3 server agent license for my 3 WIN 2K WEB server.Now i have to register this 3 license and then Cisco send me 3 .lic files ??If yes, i have to install this 3 .lic file into maintenance-->license information in CSA MC ??Thanks in adva...

Router NAM Card

HiI have NM-NAM card installed on the 3745 router. My LAN has several VLANs. If I choose External interface as the management interface then will I need to configure port mirroring to watch all VLAN traffic? In Other Case, if I choose Internal Interf...

anantmc by Beginner
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PIX logg to syslog on hits

I want to make a PIX log to a sysylog server when a ACL rule has a hit. i.e. send a syslog to confirm that telent session rule has been allowed. At the moment it seems to send syslog for a deny but not a hit against a permit rule...? Any ideas..?

pthomsett by Beginner
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Cisco Threat Response (CTR)

I have a problem in getting the CTR 2.0.4-K9 to work.I have installed on Win2K server. I have also tried to upgrade it to CTR 2.0.5 K-9, however it still gives me the same issue that I get only blank page when I try log in.Normally it should give me ...

rsh problem with PIX Firewall

Hi all,I have an rsh and rcp Problem with Pix Firewall since the Update from 5.2.1 to 6.3.4. All other things went well and we also use functionality from 6.3.4, so we can't go back to 5.2.1 (We don't want it, too)The first outbound connection to an ...

pthome by Beginner
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Help with pix static nat translation

Hi,We have a dsl connected to a pix and I also happen to have a couple of public ip. What I wanna do is to give one of my network equipment (switch) a public ip so that I could access it from the public internet.I have this configured at our pix:stat...

Endwigast by Beginner
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remote desktop through pix 515E

I have a win2003 server behind cisco pix 515E and I certainly permit RDP port 3389. When I use remote desktop to connect the 2003 server through firewall and open the IE browser, the remote desktop always gets disconnected after I browse several web ...

JiawChang by Beginner
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CSa and MS Exchange

In the CSA Whitepaper the list there being a Pre Canned Policy for Exchange, however I don't see this listed in my lists of policies. Does anyone have any recommendations for what policy elements should be included for a Exchange 2003 installationTh...

jdtoth30 by Beginner
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