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Have one pix 506e and i have to do the following, can anyone please help me out or little understanding on NAT / Translation would be great.1. pix 506e is connected to outside int with 2600 router, this router is connected to a gateway in an telecom ...

I have a pix 515 6.3. Currently have client vpns etc. with no problems. I would like to use my eth4 interface and a separate subnet for vpn clients to hand off to an internal router. I specified a access list with nat (eth4) 0 access-list for this...

I need to gather the following information from a PIX log. •machine scanning—scanning a network to see the machines it contains •port scanning—scanning the ports on a machine to see the running services •port overuse—the abuse of a service offered by...

Over the last few months I've noticed some strange behavior in a few of the HTTP engine sigs. false positives and no indication in the alarm or even in a trace as to why it triggered. Which sucks of course because all I do anymore is chase down fal...

mhellman by Level 7
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I want to Connect a Pix 501 to my Cable Modem, but when I connect the crossover cable, I get NO Link light. If I connect a standard patch cable to the cable modem, I get a link light, but still no connectivity from the firewall to the outside world....

Greetings, I'm trying to configure my Pix 506 to allow all outbound traffic and forward incoming port 25,80, 8080 and 7777 traffic to an internal web servers (,4) and mail server ( have one external IP x.x.x.12What am I missin...

rcollings by Level 1
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I can't access the PIX 501 from my laptop but can from another office computer. The message I get is "The hostname in the server security certificate does not match the name of the server" and at the bottom of the window I see "exception: java securi...

I have problems setting up 2 pix for failover.The outside interface show normal<waiting> when the serial cable is connected and remains in this state.Also when I connect the cable for the secondary pix outside interface, i loose internet connectivity...

p.holley by Level 1
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