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I can VPN to local LAN through PIX 510 Firewall. The inside gateway address on PDC is which is the inside address of PIX. On the LAN there is a BDC com server that is using gateway through a Cisco 3600 Router to the company...

getreal by Level 1
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I have an ASA running sourcefire.  Recently I noticed that the sourcefire module is showing as unresponsive and not functioning properly.  After logging into the system I noticed that /var is 100% full.  However if I run the following command "sudo d...

chmbown by Level 1
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This morning when I logged into our FMC I had several new IOC's on my context explorer, all of which were related to CnC connection attempts. After getting into the analysis and using the talos lookup tool on the IP address associated with these even...

AFlack20 by Level 1
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