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Hello, I have a problem with the HA configuration of two FMCs. In the standby appliance in the sftunnel configuration file I found an ip address which does not exist and which the process keeps trying to reach. After some investigation I found that t...

rosarra by Beginner
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Hi All,May i know what is Start Up time in FTD. Is it not same as the uptime?I can see Uptime, failover time and startup time. Uptime means since the time the device is up. Failover time is when the last failover. What is start up time. Please help.R...

ssan239 by Beginner
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so i only get four options to use enable help log in log out pager and quit i want to reset it to factory but i don't know the password so how do i reset it if i don't know the password

danksbonk by Beginner
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