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Has anyone seen this error when performing an SCP upgrade from a CiscoSecure IDS device?If this is helpful- when we perform an HTTPS upgrade the CiscoSecure device "hangs". It is still detecting events and sending alerts, but we cannot get the devic...

dottom123 by Level 1
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Hello,I'm looking for any docs about how to setup a pix to concentrator ipsec tunnel, all the IP's behind the pix (inside) should be NAT'ed to one IP and have access to the network behind the Concentrator.Any help will be appreciated.TYIA

funraps by Level 1
  • 7 replies
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Hello All, I have seen the responses of pplz here about troubleshooting problems, & that give me boost to share one of my thought with you.I have to insert a PIX (wth FO chasis) in between a dot1Q trunk of 6509 and 3550 . I know PIX support dot1Q tru...

Hi all,I'm trying to use the pix firewall syslog server version 5.1(2) on win2k3 servers for my clients, it works great for two clients but for some reason fails on six others all with the same error message:The PIX Firewall Syslog Server service has...

max.power by Level 1
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Hi, I have a client that has an PIX 520 which requires an upgrade to a more current unit. I have looked at the literature on this site and have determined the PIX525 will do the job.The only issue I have is that the PIX520 uses a connection based li...

Hi,We need to enable the 'capture packet' parameter on all attack signatures on an idsm-2 V4.1.4 and sensor 4210 V4.1.4. We use CiscoWorks VMS for configuring all sensors, but there seems to be no way to enable this parameter for a selection of signa...

jodr by Level 1
  • 14 replies
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Hi, My clients are accessing VPN through PIX 515 using CA certificate. It is a working setup.I want to know If any problem will come when changing the IP address of CA and LDAP server, and do the same changes in PIX. And I also want to know whether I...

uvaraj by Level 1
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Dear All, we have MQ server which uses different ports for incoming(1423) and outgoing(port 1420) traffic.the internal machine ip address is anybody tell whts the better way to write access list for this ip.static (inside,outside) 192...

nataraj_v by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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I encountered a problem trying to launch the IPS from SDM. All other functions of SDM that I tried (eg. interfaces configuration, firewall configuration, SDM update, etc) works fine, but when I clicked on the button to "Launch IPS..." from the Config...

Hello,I try to find out, wich is the highest possible MTU. So I send a PING -L XXXX -F to the Pix outside, from outside. XXXX is standing for the bytes.PING -L 992 (and lower) -FI got a replyPING -L 993 (up to1472) -Ft...

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