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Dear Sir,For management purpose in the implementation phase i want to enable telnet on the outside interface of PIX-506E firewall details for which is as given below.Kindly guide me with the sample config with necessary access-list for thesame.Firewa...

fmatrine by Level 1
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Resolved! PIX 506e - PPTP

Hi,quick question in reference to the 506e ....or all PIX firewalls.Can PPTP sessions terminate on these firewalls, just like IP Sec sessions do ? Or would they need to terminate on soem kind of server and then open up teh relevant ports on the firew...

I am using a 4235 and need to be able to detect when a user is using any type of IM or P2P application. I know others are able to do this but they are using a different brand IDS. Any help or ideas whould be very helpful. My infrastructure is all ...

Who is the actual author of Cisco Threat Response? or whom did they buy? Netforensics? (ie DFM is developed by SMARTS)My demo evaluation expired, no more login allowed what's next? Should I re-install it every Is Cisco going to sell Threat Respose? ...

Hello all,I have a Pix 506e firewall with pix version 6.2.2.I have created an access list to allow some common ports like SMTP etc. Now, I would like to view some realmedia streaming videos, but the Pix keeps blocking the stream. I have opened all ne...

Hello all,I have two pix 535 configured in failover. I've tried to connect to them through the console port but I can't do it. It doesn't appear any message.I have probed the serial cable and it works on other cisco stuff, so I think the problem is w...

ccrespoh by Level 1
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Hi Understand there are some timeout settings on pix. Need to check :1. TCP timeout 1:00:00. I believe this is idle time out. Will PIX send out TCP reset after timeout?2. Xlate timeout 3:00:00. Is this idle time out?Will PIX send out TCP reset after ...

zhichao by Level 1
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Of late, I have been seeing a number of what looks to be false positive events trigger for the event http tunnel SubSig 3 (ID: 5188)the event should trigger when /index/html?crap is detected on a HTTP request.but http connections to this URL triggers...

Hi, My company just acquired another company and with that I got a Pix 515E that I would like to use to replace my Symantec firewall. While trying to setup I found there was already alot of custom settings put in place by the other companies IT per...

admin_2 by Level 3
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I have two networks that need to communicate using only HTTPS. In order to configure my PIX 506e firewall, I’ve decided to use PDM v3.0. The Access Rules configuration is as follows:SOURCEIP – Group (allow HT...

We have a PIX 525 running Ver 6.1(4) with three interfaces, one Inside, one DMZ, and the Outside. We installed a FTP server on the DMZ, and want to run FTP with SSL. The FTP programs run from the Inside, but fail from the Outside. The FTP server ca...

jmcaden by Level 1
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Dear All ,I am nataraj , working as network security engineer .Today only i regesterd. This is my first post.we have 2 no cisco nids 4235 sensors one is for inbound and other for outbound traffic. while configuring add device in IDS Event Viewer 4.1 ...

nataraj_v by Level 1
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