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I am using Comcast Business Coax as my backup ISP and having a weird issue that I hope someone here can help with. Comcast supplied me with a /28. For example purposes - and gw of have the following on my backup interfa...

sean.dwyer by Beginner
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Hi,I am facing some VPM(ssl/tls) connection failure issue. I want to debug the memory status of the ASA. Please help me in finding the command to get  crypto free and used memory stats. I am getting the asp drop counter against ctm-error. CTM returne...

customer would like to improve TLS version from TLS1 for security reason, will that be upgrade/update.Installed Version: PCV: 12.1.0 Allows insecure protocol: TLSv1.0, Allows insecure protocol: TLSv1.0, Allows insecure protocol: TLSv1.1, I am...

Hi, I don't have any specific knowledge about the power supplies in a FP-8350 but is it a hot-swap? Because I got a PSU failure and I want to replace it, can I just swap it while it is still on or do I need to shutdown the Firepower first? Please adv...

Halfeez92 by Beginner
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Is the output of the "show nat" command, which shows the number of thits on NAT rules, a reliable counter in the same way that access-list counters are, meaning unless cleared or if the firewall is rebooted, can I count on these hit counts as being a...

matthewatt by Beginner
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How can I tell if may ASA 5525-X supports the following:hmac-sha2-256hmac-sha2-384hmac-sha2-512and if it does how do I enable it. My software ver is : Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 9.7(1)24

When applied this nat exclusion on my local ASA I am able to ping all my local network from my remote network but not my inside interface in my local ASA, when I disable this nat exclusion I am able to do it. Why this happen?. I have enable the manag...

Does ASA Virtual Appliance such as v50 support Threat Prevention, Malware, and URL Filtering features. I am not able to find any documentation on CCO if this is supported.  The Cisco CCW tool doesn't even give an option to add those packages. Thank Y...

abbasali5 by Beginner
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