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Hi Experts,   I need some help from from you guys. Today I was doing packet capture on Cisco ASA and during the capture in my logs I saw SWE flag. Can anyone please let me know does it mean   I also tried googling it but didn’t get accurate answers. ...

Resolved! Cisco ASA ASDM 404 error

I am getting the following errors while connecting to Asa. I thought that the ASA image file was deleted and I wanted to install it, but none of the commands such as tftp, flash, disk0 can be used. I'm connecting via ssh as I can't connect from ASDM....

genccsedanur_0-1663444165525.png genccsedanur_1-1663444432244.png genccsedanur_2-1663444495419.png

TCP access denied by ACL

I am using Cisco ASDM 7.3 for ASA on our network and am getting the following errors. I am a novice to Cisco firewall so any help would truly be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Here is the error:   TCP access denied by ACL from t...

wynneitmgr by Participant
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FMC to remote FTD deployment

Want to deploy an ASA5506-X (running FTD v6.2.2) to a remote site and then be able to set up and manage a Site-to-Site VPN back to HQ where FMC server is located.   A) Is this even possible? B) What is the best way to do this?   Remote FTD -----> Int...

Resolved! S2S VPN Tunnels and ACE entries

I was under impression that for S2S tunnel on each side that along with NAT for the tunnel that one has to define firewall rules for remote tunnel access through outside interface to inside interface and that also from the inside interface a rule all...

Cisco FTD

Hi folks, I have newly deployed 2 Ftd's in A-S HA, via FMC.Under Device tab of FMC i can make interface changes  for the Active FTD, how i can do the same for standby FTD ?I want to add a new subinterface on both FTDs, but i am unable to do the same ...

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