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i am having ASA firewall with 9.6 code. when i create and apply ACL as below it works fine ASA(config)#access-list abc permit icmp any any echo-replyASA(config)# access-group abc in interface Outside but when i wanna allow specific IP to ping to Outs...

Khurram by Beginner
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In packet capture options when i mention the source or source and destination , packet capture buffer only displays the ingress interface traffic and it does not show any Egress interface traffic. Below i have attached the screenshot. what could be t...

jonk34567 by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies
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I found out recently my FMC's  ( URL filter was not catching HTTPS traffic (My Bad), So I started researching how to do this. I have downloaded the cert from my CA and I was about to install it and setup the SSL policy. Before I do this can I...

Hi community, I try to update the BIOS on the FMC 2500 with the BIOS Upgrade File for Version 6.3. I have installed version on the appliance. The bios version is C220M4.2.0.13d.0.0812161113. It is the passive peer of an HA Cluster.  I get thi...

flx.lange by Beginner
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For those familiar with both FTD and FPR, which features did FPR lost that FTD had, and which features did FPR gained that FTD did not had? While the traditional, pure L3 Cisco ASA still has its niche and it is very well known by the security communi...

HQuest by Beginner
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Hello, Could you guys please explain me the best practice for configuration of Public ip address for web service(website) whether set it directly on web server which is behind a firewall\waf\ips or set it on firewall and do forwarding to private ip a...

Hello everybodyI have a firewall version 4.0 and I did two different access-list but I got (hitcount=0) I'm confusing in the following : interfac Vlan12nameif insidesecurity level 100ip add interface Vlan400nameif outsidesecurity leve...

SA1IM by Beginner
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Firewall Brief configuration overview below :- 1. Static route is configured.2. ICMP is allowed3. both subnets of switch are allowed on firewall4. Firewall LAN interface Permit both subnets of of switch ( & 192.168.20....

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