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ASA 5510 Transparent Mode

I'm having an issue with an ASA 5510 in transparent mode, I've configured two BVI interfaces two subnets as per below, but I'm unable to reach the inside subnet from the outside.   Any ideas what might be the issue?    thanks   ASA Version 9.1(7)32 !...

noliveira by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA 5545X HA question

Dear community,We have a pair of ASA 5545X firewalls in an Active/Failover HA pair. The configuration of our external "outside" interface is in a port channel with the rest of our internal interfaces. I have to do some work this weekend to change tha...

Craddockc by Participant
  • 6 replies
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NAT Challenges

I think I need a twice nat but i have never done one and its confusing to me.    My scenario is this:   Client A = Server B =   Site A has Client A Site B has Server B   Client A cannot hit Server B on its IP address (real IP). ...

Resolved! Threat Defense Connection timeout

Two Questions:   In previous ASA Version ( v8 ) there was a "Dead Connection Detection" ( DCD) - Function to Keep inactive but already existent Connections open. Is DCD behavior also supportet in FTD ?   Background: Using a "foreign " Firewall Connec...

j.albos by Beginner
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Slow SCP/SFTP over WAN through ASA

Hi,   Currently got an issue whereby SCP and SFTP transfers are very slow over our WAN links. The links are 600Mbit with a RTT of approximately 10ms. Transferring on the LAN gives rates of approx 33Mbps but over the WAN we’re seeing 3Mbps. There is n...

Aileron88 by Beginner
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ASA WEBvpn gives error for RDP plugin: ""attempted to open a sandboxed jar <applet url here> as Trusted-Only"."

Ihave configured ASA 5506x for WEBvpn with several plugins like RDP. When i launch the app, it gives error  ""attempted to open a sandboxed jar <applet url here> as Trusted-Only"."   I have latest version of java installed. Attached error message   p...

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