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Running 7.4.1-172.  Rule 1 in Policies is a blanket block for a bunch of URL categories. Because of the long list of categories, that one rule takes up a lot of display space.   Below that were 6 more simple rules for various things.  I added another...

itsubs by Level 1
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hi out there - we are just upgrading our FTD's from 6.6.x to .7.0.0 to 7.2.5 - and there we get the option to also upgrade the SNORT engine from SNORT2 to SNORT3 - but besides of the commercial crab stating we get the most powerfull engine then - wha...

tiwang by Level 3
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Resolved! FMC update error

Im trying to migrate from Virtual FMC to Physical. I need to update the VDB on the virtual to match the Physical but when running download updates in the system>updates tab I get error: peer certificate cannot be authenticated with known CA certifica...

michael18 by Level 1
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